Changing Lives and Shifting Perspectives.

Forge Craft Affordable Housing

Creating places that empower and inspire – beautiful, welcoming, accessible, just, and human-scaled communities.

We partner with housing developers, nonprofits and communities to design affordable housing communities that change lives and shift perspectives.

Designing communities for people with many lived experiences.

Ensuring home is a place that delivers safety, dignity, comfort, connection and joy.

Sharing an iterative design process where, with each project, we learn what is working and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Applying limitless thinking to achieve exceptional design.

Helping our clients navigate every aspect of the complex affordable housing development process.

Our Partnerships

Project by project, we are changing outdated perceptions about what affordable housing can be.

Rather than focusing on the challenges, we see each project as an opportunity to stretch the bounds of ingenuity – to envision solutions that will make daily life better for people.

How We Design Communities

Limitless Thinking

Achieving exceptional design within the bounds of an affordable housing project requires a high level of expertise, creativity and problem-solving. We approach our work with an open, collaborative spirit and a relentless commitment to achieving the best possible outcome.

Project Advocacy & Partnership

We go beyond the design — we are your partner through the entire project process, prepared to support everything from entitlements and funding challenges to community outreach and municipal coordination.

Trauma-Informed Design Expertise

Our approach is rooted in trauma-informed care principles. We recognize that we are designing communities for people with many lived experiences. To ensure home is a place that delivers a sense of safety, dignity, comfort, connection, and joy, those experiences must be considered.

Iterative Design Process

Our process ensures project outcomes that stand the test of time, adapting to the changing needs of the community, offering superior building performance and empowering residents through the daily lived experience.

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