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CARE+CRAFT COVID-19 Modular Treatment Center

CARE+CRAFT is a modular urgent-response concept conceived by Forge Craft Architecture + Design, as an innovative architectural solution to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, or any other global crisis or disaster.

Our nation’s centralized hospital system lacks sufficient capacity to handle the surge caused by highly-infectious contagion such as COVID-19. CARE+CRAFT is a prefabricated, volumetric modular system that can be quickly deployed to decentralized Alternate Care Sites (ACS) to mitigate the demand placed on our hospitals.

Each module features two unitized, negatively-pressurized patient rooms each outfitted with a dedicated ADA-compliant bathroom, integral HVAC, plumbing, and electrical system. The base module is designed to CDC guidelines for Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIR) with 12 air changes per hour (ACH), manifolded, and exhausted to the outside.

In our CARE+CRAFT, emotional and mental healing is vital to the healing process. Physical access is moderated through a health-code-compliant, automatic sliding door. A view window and skylight with biophilia frit provides the patient a visual connection to their caretakers as well as to the outside world’s circadian rhythms. Each patient room is also outfitted with Wi-Fi and a personal monitor as a convenient means of communication between patient, family, and friend.

The site strategy is based on a 12-patient-room module or ward, housed under a portable fabric superstructure, and paired with a medical hub with dedicated staff. Each self-contained ward can operate independently or scaled up in series or clusters as demand grows. The modules are elevated on a self-leveling, adjustable foundation system for maximum adaptability to different ground conditions. An elevated, accessible pedestal deck system provides circulation through and around the wards.

The modules themselves are comprised of a 6-inch wood or steel frame, cavity-insulated with closed-cell spray-foam and mesh. The flooring assembly bears on a cementitious structural flooring panel which itself is fully seam-sealed and flashed to the wall frames. Flooring, ceiling, and wall finishes are of a lightweight, bio-resistant composite panel that can be taped or velcroed to their respective substrates.

Each module is further outfitted with its own HVAC and plumbing system that may be manifolded or hermetically isolated as necessary. Medical headwalls are easily installed and both line and low-voltage power connect to the available power grid. CARE+CRAFT was designed to maximize flexibility and adaptability to varying sites and circumstances. These unitized modules are portable, repurposable structures that can be decoupled, disinfected, and stored – ready to be deployed for the next crisis.

Click here to view the full white paper.

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