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Custom Home Design: The “Quiet Luxury”

“Most people still don’t know there is a far superior way to build.” — Trey Farmer, Partner, Principal and Chief Sustainability Officer

In fashion, ‘Quiet Luxury’ emphasizes minimalist, supreme-quality pieces with timeless appeal. The trend also champions sustainability by advocating for buying apparel that’s versatile and not limited to a season (i.e., fewer clothes = less waste). Over the last decade or more, these considerations have steadily permeated every aspect of our physical lives. We buy organic, we drive electric, and maybe we even compost.

This commitment to quality and sustainability has also manifested in home design, exemplified by the ‘Passive House’ movement, which includes detailing information about the health and makeup of materials that go into a home and how they impact the home’s performance and the occupants’ own health.

Read the full article from Jetset Magazine.

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