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Forge Craft Architecture + Design

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At Forge Craft Architecture + Design, we are driven by a passion for envisioning solutions that make life better for people.

We are an Austin-based architecture and design firm working to advance the art and science of design in order to solve big challenges and improve lives. 

Our reach is rapidly expanding because of the results we’ve been able to produce for our clients, and our determination to relentlessly push for design that inspires a new way of thinking about the built environment.

Over the last decade, our boundary-breaking portfolio has spanned demographics, geographies and project types.

Our clients are defined less by project type than a shared set of goals and values.

We partner with people and organizations that recognize both the joy and the moral imperative in pursuing a better built environment. The common denominator in our work is the opportunity to improve lives through the art and science of architecture and design.

Our clients include:

World-renowned commercial clients

Affordable housing developers and municipalities

Nonprofits and arts-related organizations

Multifamily developers



Retail/Mixed Use

The Forge Craft Team

We hire team members who understand that getting to the right solution for each project types requires equal emphasis on discipline, empathy and imaginative design thinking.

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Green Building

Our Ethos

Great design solves big problems.

We are driven by both the joy and the moral imperative to push for the advancement of our craft. Environmental and social responsibility, building technology and performance are foundational to our design process. We simply do not design any other way.

We are the change we seek.

There is always a better way to build, and the time to try new things is now. We are the architects of the future of our built environment.

Architecture is a team sport.

We are not in the business of gatekeeping. We believe in sharing what we know, learning from one another and evolving our profession.

The relentless pursuit of a better built environment.

work fun.

Pushing the
bounds of human ingenuity.