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Andrea Perez

Interior Architectural Designer


Meet Andy, Interior Architectural Designer at Forge Craft Architecture + Design. With over three years of experience, Andy is passionate about exploring diverse cultures while finding new ways to re-invent conventional spaces.

Originally from Mexico, Andy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from the Texas at San Antonio in 2020, as well as a certification in sculpture and the Italian language in the Michelangelo Institute of Florence in Italy 2017. She came to Austin from New York City after freelancing several small architecture projects.

Andy believes that a good design comes from honed technical skills, but a great design comes from a variety of lived experiences. She views her projects through the lens of exploring how the interior design and architecture of the daily lives of people in diverse cultures inform and influence the final product. Ultimately, she hopes to serve as a set of fresh eyes to the interior design + architecture industry.

During her free time, Andy is a matcha latte connoisseur who loves creating art (including ceramics and branding) and visiting museums and galleries. You’ll always find her pup, Emma, in the passenger seat on all of her adventures.


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