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It’s Cheaper and Faster To Build Buildings in Factories… So Why Don’t We?

“There’s probably a greater level of interest than the ability of the modular industry to meet that interest.” Rommel Sulit, Founding Principal, Chief Operations Officer, and Director of Modular Architecture

As the country’s housing crisis has come more to the forefront of the political conversation in recent years, so have ideas to help solve it. The simplest solution, most agree, is to simply build more housing, especially on the affordable side. But creating more housing is not easy at the moment. Land prices have skyrocketed, construction costs remain high, and rising interest rates are creating a difficult landscape for developers. Even for developers who do manage to put together a plan that pencils out, the timeline from conception to completion often takes years.

So many are looking to modular construction methods to help make building buildings faster and more economical. On its face, it seems like a no-brainer. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have known how much more efficient it is to build something in a factory than on-site. But we have not seen anything close to the widespread adoption of modular construction methods. On the contrary, some of the most highly hyped (and funded) modular construction companies have called it quits in the last few years. The reality is that even if it is theoretically easier to build a building in a factory, doing so is much more complicated than it seems.

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