Rethinking our built world, module by module.

Forge Craft Modular

Want to do something new? Something different? Forge Craft is your partner. We’re here to help you execute on your vision and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

the word modular in a modular graphical style

Newer. Faster. Better. Now.

Modular is not a style — it
is a process and delivery
method. Whether the modular
aesthetic is to be emphasized
or toned down is up to the
Owner and Architect.

Modular is not necessarily
more technically complex than
conventional construction.
It is always however more
logistically complex compared
to similar site-built projects of
similar scale.

Managing critical paths intelligently translates into time and cost efficiencies in the end. The Architect carries the baton along this path until the modules are set and stitched on-site.

Though often diametrically
opposed, speed and accuracy
have equal importance.
Throughout the process,
each will become priorities at
different junctures and along
critical paths.

Given the jurisdictional split
between the state Industrialized
Housing and Building (IHB)
AHJ and the local AHJ, it is
imperative that the Architect
establishes a fluid line of
communication and road map
for regulatory oversight.

We enjoy figuring out the puzzle of designing, constructing, and realizing models for modular projects and construction in a way that pencils out for our clients.

Over the last decade, Forge Craft has successfully reshaped the modular landscape with projects ranging from first-of-their-kind multifamily communities to workplaces and single-family homes.

Modular is still a rapidly evolving delivery method. Given the complex logistics, having an experienced architecture partner to manage and optimize paths translates into expedited delivery, efficient and high-quality construction and potential cost benefits.

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The optimized modular process

We bring equal attention (and obsession) to big-picture aspects and small-scale minutiae – both essential for executing a modular design.

We shoot straight with you. Modular is still a rapidly evolving delivery method. While it’s not necessarily more technically complex than conventional construction, it’s absolutely more logistically complex – at least for now. Having an experienced architecture partner to manage and optimize paths will translate into time and cost efficiencies in the end.

Experts in Modular Design

Forge Craft has extensive experience in a wide range of modular applications, including:

Volumetric wood- or steel-frame

Prefabricated assemblies

Container-based, wood and steel structuralsystems

Multifamily podium


Bridging the Divide Between Fabricator and Developer

Working in the modular field for more than adecade has taught us both the language of thefabricator and that of the modular developer. Weare here as a resource and a liaison, connectingthe right partners for the project, making sure thebest team is at the table and keeping everyone onthe same page.

Our Command of IHB Processes Across State Lines

Navigating inconsistent building codes and requirements across different states and jurisdictions remains one of the most significant challenges in modular construction today. Currently, only 37 states have IHB programs dedicated to modular construction, further complicating matters.

Our approach to managing these codes and requirements includes being as proactive and transparent as possible when it comes to sharing project plans with all project stakeholders, including local jurisdictions. Developing detailed schedules of values, matrices of responsibilities, flow charts, and code reports can mitigate risks and liabilities. By proactively sharing these documents with local jurisdictions, we can foster a more streamlined regulatory process and prevent the city or state from coming back later down the road to request changes, which can cause further delays.

Aligning Design to
Production Efficiencies

Intelligent design of projects can help bridge the gap between manufacturers’ capabilities and Owner expectations. Don’t reinvent the wheel – instead, make better wheels in better ways. Forge Craft focuses on designs that are executable to make modular projects more feasible and sustainable for the manufacturers we partner with.See below for a recent example of how our team mitigated challenging design requirements through innovation and efficiency.

Your Partner in
Controlling Costs

We understand the barriers to entry in the modular world. Many times, concerns about project cost and manufacturing are top-of-mind when it comes to pursuing this delivery method.That’s why we act as a partner throughout the entire process – from strategizing ways to mitigate permitting costs, development fees and taxes to assessing quality and availability of materials based on their value. Every step of the way, we are here to help you identify the best path to a successful completion.

a rendering of modular construction

Where Design Innovation Meets Emergent Fabrication Technologies

When Forge Craft developed Cheatham StreetFlats, a mixed-use student housing community inSan Marcos, Texas, the manufacturer tasked us with manifesting the vision for the project in the form of a modular building to showcase the capabilities of steel modular construction. Employing this new system was made more challenging by the fact that the client’s Texas plant was not yet certified. Our design team therefore was tasked with helping the client shepherd a new steel modular plant through certification, while simultaneously coordinating with another of the manufacturer’s factories in Alabama on the fabrication of 340 individual modules.
Applying emergent technology via prefabricated structural systems and volumetric modular systems, high-performance VRF systems, and modular means and methods, this new community was erected in 18months, fully finished-out and shipped complete with furniture inside the units.
The result, completed in June 2020, is a robust, high-performing student housing community with structural systems that ensure longevity and minimized maintenance.