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Forge Craft Modular

Want to do something new? Something different? Forge Craft is your partner. We’re here to help you execute on your vision and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

the word modular in a modular graphical style

Modular is not a style or architectural artifact — it is first and foremost a process and delivery method. Whether the modular aesthetic is to be emphasized or toned down is up to the Owner and Architect.

Modular is not necessarily more technically complex than conventional construction. It is always however more logistically complex compared to similar site-built projects of similar scale.

Managing critical paths intelligently translates into time and potential cost efficiencies in the end. The Architect carries the baton along this path until the modules are set and stitched on-site.

Though often diametrically opposed, speed and accuracy have equal importance but throughout the process will trade leads along critical paths.

Given the jurisdictional split between the state Industrialized Housing and Building (IHB) AHJ and the local site-built municipal AHJ, it is imperative that the Architect establishes a fluid line of communication and road map for regulatory oversight

Over the last decade, Forge Craft has successfully reshaped the modular landscape in Texas with projects ranging from first-of-their kind multifamily communities to workplaces and single-family homes.

We do hard things well. We enjoy figuring out the puzzle of designing, constructing, and replicating models for modular design and construction in a way that pencils out for our clients.

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The optimized modular process

We bring equal attention (and obsession) to big-picture aspects and small-scale minutiae – both essential for executing a modular design.

We shoot straight with you. Modular is still a rapidly evolving delivery method. While it’s not necessarily more technically complex than conventional construction, it’s absolutely more logistically complex – at least for now. Having an experienced architecture partner to manage and optimize paths will translate into time and cost efficiencies in the end.

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