Soleil by Forge Craft

Soleil was the brainchild of the prestigious Schiller Del Grande Restaurant Group, a partnership between two creative couples at the top of the Houston “fine dining chain.”

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Uncle Billy’s

Uncle Billy's by Forge Craft

The lineage of craft breweries in Austin continue to great success at Uncle Billy’s with two prominently successful locations.

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Oasis Texas

Oasis Texas by Forge Craft

Integrated with the iconic Oasis restaurant which succumbed to an electrical fire years earlier – the revamped Oasis Texas was an opportunity to resurrect the best aspects of the site with a more current Austin modern eclectic feel.

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Prohibition Creamery

Prohibition Creamery by Forge Craft

From Eater: Prohibition Creamery, the artisanal alcoholic ice cream shop housed in a restored bungalow space in Austin’s vibrant east side, opened [on July 18, 2016].

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