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Cloud Kitchens

Austin, TX

Cloud Kitchens is a real-estate and technology enterprise that provides economic empowerment to food operators, enabling them to outsource cook lines through a network of remote, smart modular “ghost kitchens” that partner with the many online-order and food delivery services such as UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub to name but a few.

In order to maximize its value to stakeholders, Cloud Kitchens was in critical need of a framework to inform the future of its kitchen spaces in simple, cost- and functionally-efficient designs.

Our client tasked us with the development of a modular concept to inform the future of and maximize the potential capacities in these ghost kitchens for its stakeholders. This project proved to be a creative exercise through an assemblage of volumetric modular, prefabricated and site- built components, both simple and sophisticated, into a modular solution to overcome a series of multifaceted architectural challenges driven by a difficult site and complex workflow, accessibility and code compliancies.

In close collaboration with the Cloud Kitchens team, we successfully envisioned a component-based system to manifest functional, performance-driven modular spaces that allowed our client to minimize costs and optimize their model. Our concepts fully realized represents the promise of cost-effective food delivery not only in Los Angeles but extrapolated to anywhere in the world.

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