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Habitat Montopolis Duplex​es

Austin, TX

The forthcoming Habitat Montopolis Duplexes will be Habitat for Humanity Austin’s inaugural duplex project, comprising six duplexes adjacent to an existing single-family Habitat neighborhood in Austin’s Montopolis area.

This project aims to support Habitat’s goal of fostering a community within a community, integrating seamlessly into the existing single-family neighborhood while maintaining cohesion and a sense of collective identity.

Designing these homes for a nonprofit partner that primarily relies on donated building materials and labor required careful consideration, balancing the goals of quality and resilience with the constraints of donated materials and ensuring the feasibility of construction by volunteer laborers.

Once construction is completed, these all-electric Zero Energy-Ready Home-certified buildings will be some of the most efficient and resilient homes in the city. Importantly, they will also be among the most affordable, providing housing for 12 families in the community.

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