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Prohibition Creamery

Austin, TX

From Eater: Prohibition Creamery, the artisanal alcoholic ice cream shop housed in a restored bungalow space in Austin’s vibrant east side, opened [on July 18, 2016]. Founded by dining newcomer Laura Aidan, this long-awaited sweets parlor and cocktail bar combo was born out of a serious love of all-things sweet… Prohibition’s space is warm and welcoming, all wood and brass. Aidan called on Forge Craft Architecture and Design (she wanted architects who would ‘appreciate the house for what it is’) to build the dessert bar, taking advantage of existing bungalow to create large front and back patios, full bar, seating room, and on-site kitchen. ‘I wanted to open an ice cream shop for me,’ explains Aidan. ‘Adults love ice cream, too—it’s not something that you outgrow. There just aren’t enough ice cream shops where you stay and spend time hanging out.’ That’s why Prohibition Creamery is here to serve.

Craft Studio


1,600 SF; completed in 2016

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