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South X South Austin

South Austin, TX

The young, active homeowners of SxSAustin wanted their home to reflect their rock n’ roll lifestyle. Built on a challenging steeply-sloped site, the house is perched at street level with breathtaking vistas across the property to Bouldin Creek. With a modest, unimposing façade at street level articulated in black-stained wood siding and charcoal metal panels, the façade sets up the visitor to experience the house first as a reserved, subdued neighborhood presence but then discover the dramatic landscape of the site only once inside. The primary public living spaces all look out directly over and across the back yard into the canopy of the mature Pecan trees that line Bouldin Creek and provides an exciting backdrop when things upstairs are rocking. One level below and nestled into the hillside, the more private spaces allow the inhabitants to settle into quiet time, when things are rolling.

Craft Studios

Custom Homes


2,650 SF; completed in 2015

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