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Stella Domo

A fusion of architecture and nature, Stella Domo is a nod to the elegant simplicity of Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Farnsworth House, reimagined as a high-performance, go-anywhere modular home capable of enduring the harshest elements. With over a decade of experience redefining what’s possible through modular design, Forge Craft was engaged to bring this concept to life in partnership with InstaBuilt.

Stepping inside, you’re immediately greeted by a warm and inviting sanctuary that opens to a panoramic vista, accomplished with full-height insulated glass windows, completely immersing inhabitants in the surrounding natural environment, which remains largely undisturbed due to the elevated piers on which the structure sits. Ergonomics were critical to the overall success of the space. Every facet was thoughtfully designed with multiple purposes in mind to achieve remarkable functionality within its cozy 800-square-foot floor plan. As opportunities for modular delivery methods grow, Stella Domo showcases how Forge Craft’s devotion to meticulous details and craftsmanship can create a high-design modular concept that is also – crucially – constructible. As architects and designers with a deep understanding of the complexities of modular builds, Forge Craft evolved Stella Domo from a visionary idea into a concept that is attainable, replicable, and ripe for evolution.

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