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Walmart Technologies

Austin, TX

The concrete frame, brick infill building standing at 409 Colorado Street in Austin was built nearly a century ago in 1920. In 1997, the building became the birthplace of the Alamo Drafthouse, a legendary cultural watering hole for film buffs during its 10-year run there. In 2017, our highest goals in converting the space from the “dark ages” – a dingy nightclub – to creative office were to bring in natural light and to celebrate the building’s history. The renovation process was a balancing act between intensive renovation and surgical addition. A clever fire-rated wall assembly of ceramic glazing floods the open office space with light and skyline views. Both modern and traditional touches of custom steel windows and entry portal provide a visually dynamic place of shelter at the entry. A return to the original materials of Austin brick and simple structural expression was a huge undertaking with a huge impact.

Craft Studio



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