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Welcome to the Refreshed Forge Craft

Did we have some work done? Why yes, yes we did. Our fresh new look is all about making sure the way we think and work is reflected in the way we show up for you.

Forge Craft Partners Group Shot

Forge Craft is coming up on its 10-year anniversary later this year. That milestone and all our growth over the last few years has prompted some considerable inner reflection. We realized that our goals for supporting our clients had exceeded our original business model and our look and feel. We have big plans, and our new look better reflects the future work of Forge Craft. I am so excited about the momentum and enthusiasm that we feel at this moment!

We are connected at Forge Craft by the shared goal of using building design and performance to meaningfully enhance the quality of life for people. We realized that the easiest way to communicate HOW we do that for such diverse audiences was by more clearly distinguishing our lines of work.

The way we enhance quality of life for our Affordable Housing clients is different than the way we approach commercial and retail environments, which is vastly different that the way we work with individual homeowners to craft Healthy Homes. Put simply – we needed our brand and our website to let us talk to you all more effectively.

To that end, our website now features individual Craft Studios. Each Craft Studio reflects information that is specific to that project type. The Healthy Homes Craft Studio features our custom homes, plus info on the many ways that a Healthy Home is created. The Affordable Housing Craft Studio features our work in this space, plus the policy-driven information that goes into creating successful affordable projects.

All of the Craft Studios will continue to evolve and distinguish themselves to better reflect their particular focus. Uniting them all will be our unfettered pursuit of efficiency and resiliency, and our passion for push the limits of design.

Along with a new look and feel, we’re adding new levels of expertise to our team. The growth will build upon the foundation laid by the Forge Craft team. Our office has been incredibly fortunate to include a vibrant and dynamic cast who have contributed their talents in ways I feel are unique to the business of architecture.

What will not change is the passion and commitment to advocacy for our clients and projects. We will always be committed to making life better for people. We will always be architects, and we will always be designers. But you can just call us Forge Craft. (Whatever will you do with all that time we just saved you typing out Architecture + Design?)

We invite you to explore the new site, check out all the projects we have in the works and get in touch if you’ve got something you want to talk through. You can always find us at forgexcraft.com or reach out directly to our leadership team.

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